South America Investment

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South is the new way up.

As instability increases in the USA; more North Americans are looking to South America.

  • Economic instability threatens USA investments.
  • Political instability threatens the US government.
  • Regulation strangles US investments and assets.
  • The US stock market is a rigged game.
  • South American investments provide more asset protection options.

Now is a good time to position investments in South America.

Investment is trending in South America due to favorable tax and financial environments, stabilized governments and huge price/value advantages. South America is now following the USA into the internet communications era. This is helping begin a complete transformation of South America.

Geopolitical and geographic advantages of South America are numerous.

An increasingly unstable world is making South America more attractive to investment. As isolated as North America from the Mideast, no single oppresive continental government, nicely below present and future fallout patterns from Fukushima and a range of climatic zones offer an excellent refuge.

We’re on the ground in South America.

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